This website serves as a platform for showing contemporary paintings and digital art. It was designed and created by painter and digital artist, Michael Chatman. Michael has been a creative artist and practicing graphic designer since 2004. He has created and painted over 1,000 digital prints and paintings since then, and is constantly improving his technique and style to accommodate the growing merge of art and technology.

Michael attempts to bring his viewers fresh and memorable images to view and perhaps own for their personal collections. Michael does this by researching various subjects to project to his audience through digital prints or paintings and bring them to fruition by either illustrating them through computer graphics and printing them out as prints on canvas or paper as customers demand them or as with his paintings he usually sketch the image on paper and transfer with a graphic pencil; then he paints the background on canvas, fill in the dominant figures and finally put in the details, then he has a finished painting that is ready to be handed over to an interested customer for their purpose. Michael is an award-winning painter and digital artist with an Award of Excellence and 4 Honorable Mentions in various juried art shows. Michael can be reached for further consultation about his art at




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