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Things a businessperson should do on a Yearly Basis

1.Encourage Smart Growth

   This is the stage that gets everyone thinking big. Increasing market
    share, growing profits and being more innovative are commonly
    tossed out without much to specifics. One should create a road-
    map annually.

    The road map should layout the company's purpose and objectives
                   along with one to five strategies to help accomplish its goals. The
                   road map should align with the company's budget and forecast and
                   should be designed to fit on a single sheet of paper. The map should
                   be given to every staff member and posted around the office. It
                   should be revisited every quarter to ensure milestones are met.
                   Employees should be encouraged to craft their own personal road
                    map in the same way so they can tie into the overall mission of the
                   company. Staying on track should simply be a matter of asking where                  
                    a new idea fits into the road map.

2. Make Meetings More Productive

    A notice should be made in each meeting or conference that states
    "If the purpose and desired outcome of this meeting are not clearly
    stated within the first five minutes, please walk out, you have my             permission."

    Likewise, all meetings should begin with one simple question
    "What does success look like for the meeting?" That should start the
    process of focusing energy and can reduce emails after meeting
    and subsequent meetings to clarify just what happened.

    The most efficient meetings would end with this question "What
    are the next actions and who owns them?"

     With this approach you may find you have accomplished the goal
    of the meeting within 15 minutes.


3. Find a Common Purpose For the Sake of Innovation

    In order to be more innovative each team member is going to have
    to generate conflict in order to solve a problem. But they'll be more
    able to handle it if they trust that everyone has a common purpose.

    It is the team leader's job to make sure that everyone is able to share
    a dissenting opinion if they have one.

    If members censor themselves or have a misplaced belief that the
    group doesn't have conflict, they'll be less likely to reach a truly
    innovative solution to a problem.


4. Raise Capital

   It is believed that entrepreneurs, who will most likely get funding
   in any given year have a compelling vision and are pursing a large
   market opportunity. They won't rest until that vision come to pass.

   It is believed that the most successful founders,"dream big and execute
   small." You want to be sure you can dream a compelling dream but
   at the same time be able to execute small, such as building the right
   features for a product or hiring the right people. There is no shortage
   of small business owners who can do one of those things but those          who are able to do both are more likely to attract investments.

5. Be A Better Corporate Citizen

   You don't have to have the funds and resources of a juggernaut like
    Walmart; even small companies and newly established ventures can
    make a difference.   At some small businesses employees donate 10%       of their personal holdings in the company to the company's
    philanthropic foundation. As the company does better so does its
    foundation and thus the people and causes it can help. Everyone
    is on board because each individual has ownership of the charity.
    That translates into action.

6. Delight Your Customers

    Superior customer service should be reflected in everything from
    brand values to hiring. When setting goals for the new year it is
    suggested that gauging customer loyalty and clients perception
    of the business, to single out those that tie back to the most
    valuable growth.

   Using a net promoter score can help a company focus resources
    toward improving products and sources for customers, where it
    is needed most by implementing short, simple to communicate
    feedback surveys.

      This is all the art info for this month. Look for more info                           next month and have fun creating.








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