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What Makes a Great Painting

Quote from artist Rick Young, A Paint Nite Artist in Denver,Co

"Finding a great painting is a lot like finding someone to ask out on a date.   At first you see it across the room.   It's attractive.   There are many paintings but that one caught your eye.   It draws you in to inspect it.   your gaze darts across it, following its shapes and colors.   Your eyes want to drink it all in, it's hard to look away.   It's exciting and unique and interesting.   You move past its beauty and try to understand more about it.   It connects to your heart and mind and makes you think and feel.   It can evoke memories and inspire your imagination.   It can even touch your soul and change the way you see the world.   A great painting is more than just pretty it has personality".


A great painting should make a person feel something whether its an emotion or a reminder of something from the person's past.   It should stir something in the viewer.   Try to incorporate techniques into the painting that you know people will enjoy experimenting with, maybe something they've never tried on canvas before.


Art is about communicating with the viewer in order to create some feelings within them.   However, we artists often forget that for the art to sell it must usually recreate something from the viewer's past or trigger some memory.

This is all the art info for this month. Look for more info next month and                                                     have fun creating.








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