"I enjoy the colorful freshness of Michael's work. Playful and distinctive"

Gloria Capozzi-Program director, Maitland Art Center


"Michael's work is playful and colorful and fit in a variety of settings"

Jeff W. Shonkwiler



"Chatman's approach to design is refreshing. Your eye is drawn to sophisticated symmetry yet at the same time rewarded

with a surprise in each print. A hibiscus growing sideways, an interplay of images with a groovy sax. Every one makes it

fun to linger awhile and discover the next Chatman paradox".


"Michael Chatman's watercolor rendition of Valencia College's Raymer F. Maguire, Junior Learning Resources Center is

hanging in the administration office of the West Campus Library. His choice and artistic use of colors for the piece conveys

the warmth and historical significance of a landmark building."

Dr. Karen Blondeau

Library Director

Valencia College


"Michael Chatman has exhibited his art at the Orlando Public Library on various occasions. His artistic designs are

unique, diverse, and educational."

It has always been a pleasure to work with Mr. Chatman.

Sara B. Goff

Community Relations

Orlando Public Library


"During an enforced layoff in 2004, Michael Chatman created an abundance of artwork. Working in water-borne media

Chatman put together a series of charming, colorful commentaries on the observed phenomena in his life: landscapes,

cityscapes, still life subjects, people and much more.

In these works, I am particularly impressed with the clean colors and bold compositions, The drawing is deceptive; what

first appears naive is not, as close inspection reveals a sophisticated sense of design hidden in the honest and expressive

forms. Usually, the color areas are bright and flat, but occasionally (as in Ocean Sunset), a turbulent texture is employed.

Chatman worked during this time on 18 x 24 or 12x16 sheets of different papers, to good effect. In all cases, the paintings

are executed in vibrant and even semi-abstract, style that never abandon its subject."

Richard D. Colvin

Curator of Collections

Maitland Art Center





















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